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August 10th, 2009

dicetoss @ 10:31 am: elements
It has come to my attention that everybody has a different opinion about the elements. I'm wondering how I can find out about which element is mine, and how to respectively control it. I feel the most attached to air and water, but I'm wary of fire and don't care for earth.
What is your opinion on the whole thing, and do you have any advice for me?
I'm trying to stir up some discussion :)

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August 7th, 2009

dicetoss @ 07:51 pm: hello :)
I'm just joining this community, so I thought I'd give a little intro.

I don't go by real names here, but you can call me Elizabeth, because that's my middle name :) or dicetoss if you prefer.

I'll be sixteen years old in October, so I guess you could say I'm young.

My abilities are somewhat unknown to me, but people who can sense level of power have told me that I'm a natural who has very strong power. I have no real proof of this, but it has been said to me a few times.

The abilities I have experienced are precognition, empathic abilities, things of that nature. I have also sensed some spirits and things, and I am good at predicting relationships and seeing people together in the future. My precognition manifests itself in the form of visions most of the time, or just knowing. I also know peoples main intention when I first meet them, as well as if they're good or bad. I find sometimes that I know things about people that they've never told anyone before.

I have found someone who I believe is my soulmate. We are extremely happy together, and we have both admitted that our connections with each other are unusual. I had visions of him before meeting him, and have had visions of our future together since. As well, he acts as a wonderful balance to my ability, because when I'm around him the pain from my empathy disappears. I don't know if he has an ability, but it's a nice addition just as well.

If anyone has information on soul mates, empathic abilities, precognition, or any other information that might help me, please comment. Any opinions you have or just general comments are welcome too.

I'd love to make a friend :)

Look to my journal for more info on me.

Thanks and have a wonderful day :)

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June 3rd, 2009

latesummerdream @ 09:24 am: New

Hello I'm new to the community and I thought I might share my story.

At a very young age I remember always being visited by this one man in my dreams, some days he would just talk to me other days I felt like he was protecting me from something. As I got older I stopped dreaming about him. Part of me wonders if he was my spirit guide.

Besides that I would often times hear a voice (it was always different, never the same) calling my name or I'll have a thought in my head for while, it would bug the hell out of me and next thing you know it'll come up on TV, a book or I'll hear someone talk about it.

My Grandmother always thought I was gifted but I never really took it seriously which led to these episodes becoming less and less frequent to a point where I never thought much of them anymore.

However after having my son I feel like I've tapped into it again...I guess I'm just looking for some advice or guidance...is it all in my head or could there be something? part of me is scared about it while the other part is curious about the "what if".

Thank you for reading =)

April 14th, 2009

serenelune @ 10:21 pm: New here =)
Hi, joined this community because I was tired of feeling alone in believing in clairvoyance and things of a spiritual nature. Some of my friends aren't so warm to the idea! My name is Sandra, and I'm 18. I wasn't really too sure if I had gifts or not, but since I've started giving some acceptance to the idea, I've had a few more experiences that convince me that my experiences could be of the clairvoyant nature. I also know that for as long as I've lived, I've felt like I've had a force that protects me, sometimes wondering if that relates to my religious beliefs, or a spirit. No one as far as I know in my family is psychic or has abilities. And I'm honestly here to explore those areas =).

After my ex broke up with me about a year and a half ago, which was a pretty horrid relationship, I had a guiding voice in my head. They told me whether or not that person was bad and confirmed when I asked it if they would be be there for me. With one exception, it was right all the time. And then one day I was speaking to my best friend, when I was jokingly speaking of what I wanted in a guy, saying he was impossible to exist. A very specific profile, and I met him 2 months later. He's not my boyfriend (Actually I consider him my male best friend), but, the fact I met someone who I exactly described surprised me. Another friend suggested I could've been had a gift. I've had more dreams since I started believing, very realistic dreams, and I know two have proved accurate, one very recently. I'm waiting to see if the rest do, and I log them. I don't think my ability is that developed, but it's come a long way.

So if any of you have similar abilities, do you have any tips on developing the ability? Out of curiosity, could you relate your beliefs on fate and saying things that become true? Like saying your cell phone is useless and losing it the next day when you didn't before. I ask because the latter kind of occurrence has happened to me on a few occasions, but I'm not sure if that's really an ability or not.

Also if you have similar interests or would want to speak to me about it, my addies are:
MSN: serenelune @ hotmail.com
Yahoo: laserenelune
AOL: serenelune (Not used that often)

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February 21st, 2009

reikigirlie @ 12:05 am: Ephemeral Mists "Moon Ritual"

Ephemeral Mists is the newest side project by composer Brett Branning (The synthetic dream foundation & Abandoned Toys). The debut album, "Moon Ritual" is out now on Mythical records.

The sound of the project is best described as downtempo ambient electronics mixed with ethnic world musics in the vein of "Karma" era Delerium, Amethystium, and Dead Can Dance. Its an incredibly powerful cd to use as yoga music and Reiki music. A beautiful creation and I highly recommend it to anyone into newage styles of music.

February 2nd, 2009

rebekah1213 @ 02:24 am: Intro

Name: Becky Marie Seman
Vowel number: 8
Constant numer: 1
Name Number: 9

Birthdate: 12/13/1982
Birthdate Number: 9

Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Asscendent: Scorpio

I am very interested into numberology, tarot, astrology, palm readings, and anything else in the New Age and Pagen experience. I've had prophetic dreams before.

I am always interested in making friends with similar interests.

YIM: Mmusicalbecky
AIM: Beckyms1213

E-mail: Msmusicalbecky@yahoo.com

If you communicate with me please tell me found my info from live journal, so I don't  mistake you for spam.

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January 30th, 2009

princesskoorime @ 02:08 pm: Intro
I've spent some time debating on if I should post here or not. Finally, I decided to try.

My name is Crystal and I'm 18. I come from a long line of rather gifted people; sight, precognition, other such things. However for the longest time, I showed no signs of being particularly gifted like my mom and grandma.

Around the age of 12 or 13, I discovered that, if I concentrated, I could see the auras of people around me. I was happy, because I was just like my mom. I felt like it was my one true gift.

And then she told me something: There's never been anything like what I do within our family.

Is there anyone else able to do this? Can they help me understand how I'm supposed to use this ability? I'm not afraid, or anything, but I would feel better if I could get some guidance.

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December 30th, 2008

boardwalkgypsy @ 11:22 am: Newbie but legit ;)
I don't know what to call it but the only things I do are predict pregnancies and randomly have thoughts that happen. I have dreams about being pregnant and as soon as I do someone related to me or one of my friends end up being so. It's so weird because it's been happening for the last 9 years? I used to dream about fish and then it turned into dreams about me specifically. Last week I took a nap on my moms couch and had a dream. My grandma and sister told me that from now on when I have a dream to let them know so there is witness to it. I told them and my mom, went out and bought some fabric and made a baby blanket and wrapped it in case someone I knew ended up being prego. Christmas eve my cousin brought his new gf home and they announced they were going to have a baby. I handed them the box and they unwrapped it and everyone was looking at me. Creepy and cool they say. I dunno but it's not even AMAZING anymore. My dads like, why do you get excited, you do it all the time? LOL. My mom and aunt have had premonitions as well. so maybe it's passed down. Nothing crazy and I can't make predictions on call, it's usually just a dream or sudden thought. Like a few weeks ago I was driving and at a stop light I adjusted my rear view mirror and had this thought I was in a suburban at an intersection and was rear ended. I didn't think much of it but that night my step sister called and said she was driving in San Diego (in her new suburban) and was rear ended into the intersection. I started shaking because it was so weird... I don't even know how to begin to develop it but it doesn't matter. If anything it is just cool to be the aunt/cousin/family member who dreams about who's pregnant :)

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August 15th, 2008

empath85 @ 10:21 pm: Anybody else an Empath?
 As you can tell by my username, I have the ability to sense what others are feelings - which can be a blessing or a curse.  Sometimes I know when I am talking too much because I can feel others annoyance.  Sometimes I can feel other people's happiness and then I channel it inadvertantly and I end up sucking it out them and using it myself.  I have read about "Psychic Vampires" who do this and though I have tried to block this obviously destructive trait in myself I find that sometimes people seem to distance themselves from me and people who have no idea about who I am or what I can do will say: "God - you're draining me."  I'm wondering if anybody knows anything that's worked for them in protecting themselves against unwanted abilities or at least blocking negative emotions from others and/or preventing themselves from draining at other people's auras.  Thanks for the help.

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August 14th, 2008

little_crocky @ 11:57 pm: In need of guidance and answers
Hello - I'm new to this community. I've been searching for people like me for a long time! I've only met a few people like me, and it's difficult to talk to people who don't have psychic experiences. So, here are a few of my experiences. Perhaps someone can relate to me or explain some things to me that I don't seem to understand.

As a young teenager, say, 11 or 12, I was able to predict what object a person was thinking of in a guessing game. I felt a strong pull toward the object that he was thinking of. That was my first very strong experience.

I have since been able to predict cards and objects in games, but it is inconsistent. I feel a very strong pull in the center of my forehead, and it leaves me with a headache. I can't seem to control it. Do any of you get this sensation? Is this normal?

When I was younger, I knew when someone was about to walk through a door just before he/she walked through.

In more recent years, including now, I sometimes have dreams with information in them that later manifest in the following days. For example, someone might say something that was said in a dream that I had. Or I dream about a series of events that occur within the next week. Sometimes I dream of exact moments, but I don't remember having dreamed them until the moments start to happen in "real time." Often the occurances that I dream about are insignificant things. Why do I dream about them? Am I seeing the future, or possible futures? Why -- how, does this happen? And if I am seeing the future, why do I often see insignificant moments?

If someone is about to get very angry or someone is about to make me very angry, I see a serious of things that I have seen before. Like, everything that I lay my eyes on, I've seen before in that exact sequence. One time, I was able to see slightly ahead of the sequence, and I knew what was going to happen. I haven't been able to do that again.

Sometimes I know when something awful has happened to someone I love. One time, when something very bad happened, I kept having these overwhelming surges of energy rush over my body, almost making me sick. And then I would be drained. Also, concerning the same awful event, I had a dream related to what happened.

My grandmother is psychic. For example, she knows when I'm sick when no one has called her. There are other things that she has experienced as well, but she doesn't like to talk about them.

My grandfather might also have been psychic.

So. There's all that. Can anyone relate to me? How can I gain control over my abilites/make them stronger?

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