Hi. I have dreams about the future. And then they happen. Can anyone tell me more about this or how I can control it or give some insight or something? Because after years of asking this question I have come to the conclusion that no one knows anything about this stuff. There are just poor, unfortunate people out there who are psychic or whatever they are, and no one knows anything about it except that it happens.

So. Anyone? Bueller?


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hey, im jessica, 15 years old.
ive thought ive had some form of clairvoyance/precognition for a fair few years now.
i have vivid dreams almost every week that come true, i think of something and it happens soon after,
i ALWAYS get deja vu, and it's always scared me.
over the past couple of days, i decided to not fear it, but embrace it.
ive read into it more, and am now ready to develop my 'abilities'.
just earlier, i tried to visualise a penny, and it didn't work. i saw the outline, and got flashes of the queens head,
but then i saw dolphins and fishes, and country scapes.
maybe i'm just slightly mad?
i don't know how to just concentrate on it, and see it. i'll carry on trying and researching,
but does anyone have any advice/help?
would be appreciated :)
nice to meet you, btw.
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Looking for suggestions...

In the realm of psychic ability, I rate only slightly above that of the everyday person: I have dreams, minor visions, and general "feelings." I've been pretty accurate to this point, but I'm interested in "flexing my psychic muscle," as it were.

Does any one have any suggestions for someone who is trying to increase their psychic ability? Exercises, books, techniques, etc.? I believe what many people say, that psychic ability is present in all of us. I've decided that I would like to experience an increase in my ability (or even a broadening) but I don't know where to start.

Any suggestions?
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Hey all :)

My name's Kally, I'm 17 years old and I live in QLD, Australia.

I don't really know what I am, though my heart's mother tells me I'm spirit sensitive.

It started when I was young; knowing things were going to happen before they did, feeling the moods of peoples and thoughts around me etc..
I remember clear as day when I was about 6 and my biological mother couldn't get a hold of her great-Aunt. I bounced into the room, crawled into her lap and announced "Auntie May-May is in heaven".

My mum shushed me and told me she was probably just out shopping. Sure enough Aunt May had died of a heart attack that morning.

As I got older my gifts grew. I sense spirits and well, I know when someone is sick/going to die. I've come to hate that part of me and I know it's wrong to but to feel the death and sickness lurking around someone long before they even feel it in their bodies? It's hard. Especially when it concerns those you love.

With knowing things are going to happen; it's not like a premonition but more I just know. Like someone has told me before and just in that moment I'm remembering.

I've also struggled growing up with not only having no family or loving support but I also have memories of lives that aren't mine. I'll remember histories from eras that ended centuries ago. Especially the American pioneer years. I also seem to know small amounts of Latin without ever learning it.

It's hard to discover who you are in this moment when you've lived before. I also find it difficult when people call me young, because I'm not.
I remember talking to my grandmother and calling her 'my child' because I've seen many more days than she ever will.

So um, what would you guys call me?

I've always thought I was an empath as I'm good at reading people and feeling them but most people just tell me I'm warm-hearted and sensitive.

Also, can anyone recommend any good books that would apply to me? I feel as though I'm in the dark.

Many thanks,
Kally ♥

Have you ever. . .

Last week, my mom, boyfriend and I went to see a psychic. I was house sitting for my father and I had noticed that there was a new psychic down the street, so we all decided to try it out. She said she did everything from palm reading to Tarot Reading to Chakra and Spirit readings. I had a palm reading before at the corn festival, and the reader was very accurate with my read so I thought I would try it again to see where my lines had shifted and changed.

The first thing that really made we not feel right about the psychic we saw last week is that she was pushing Christianity and church in her reading. I grew up Christian, I even went to a Catholic junior high school, and I was told growing up that everything I was doing such as Tarot, and palm reading was against the Christian church. However I have had issues with the Christian church, and I have been seeking my own spirituality now including mu curiousity with Tarot,, palm reading, mediations, and pyschic ablibilty.

The second thing is she had told each one of us that we had spirits following us. Here's the thing with as many people that have died in this world I could easily see how you can run into a restless spirit or two. However she was claiming that it was the reason for a bad luck. She told me that this spirit that was following me was the real reason why I am distracted from writing my story and why I am so unhappy most of the time. The thing is ever since puberty I would have moments of unhappiness, I just believe it is hormones, not necessarily a spirit.

The third thing that really rubs me the wrong way about this psychic is she was pushing all of us getting cleansings. I understand that cleansing are very important, but I just paid 20 dollars for a reading that maybe she could tell me something about me that I didn't know or what possiblities there in my future with my writings. I wasn't looking at her like a doctor at a check up and I have to go back every three months for a 100 dollar cleansing. She was trying to get at least 100 dollars out of each of us. I understand some people make a living using their psychic gifts, but I really felt she was just too pushy with it.

I was just wondering has anyone else has a bad experience with a psychic?

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Did I do That

The sites been dead for a long time so I guess I will type a monent that happen today.

In class we had to write a paper.I wrote a very good paper and want to read it in front of class.The teacher was saying boy-girl names he was on boy,well right as I was done finshing I look up and thought Call on me and Wren.She did.
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You may call me Cazzcage,I am 17 I have I guess a "gift" for know  history of thing/people I touch.I don't know how to explain it then that If I hold something and think,I somehow know.I am so gald I fround this place before I thought it was all in my head.I know alot of the term for Parapsychology/Pseudoscience .
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It has come to my attention that everybody has a different opinion about the elements. I'm wondering how I can find out about which element is mine, and how to respectively control it. I feel the most attached to air and water, but I'm wary of fire and don't care for earth.
What is your opinion on the whole thing, and do you have any advice for me?
I'm trying to stir up some discussion :)
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